2021 STATE of the SOUND

How is Puget Sound doing?

What are the challenges to progress?

What gives us hope?

Status of Puget Sound Vital Signs, organized by recovery goal

A call to action to save Puget Sound

This call to action is from the Puget Sound Partnership Leadership Council to the recovery community. Each of us can, and must, do more to accelerate recovery, and we are committed to our partnership with you. We must redouble our efforts to combat climate change and the effects of a growing population that threaten ecosystems and disproportionately affect vulnerable communities. Together, as we look to the future, let us be bold in our intent and actions to build a healthy, resilient, and economically prosperous Puget Sound for all.

People care about Puget Sound. We know what we need to do to create a healthy and resilient Sound, for us and future generations.

Messages from Executive Director, Boards and Science Panel


Laura Blackmore, Director
Larry Epstein, Deputy Director

Project managers
Jon Bridgman
Nathalie Hamel
Alex Mitchell

Lead writers
Kevin Hyde

Graphic design
Chase Nuuhiwa

Jennifer Burke

Contributing staff
Tristan Contesse
Alexandra Doty
Don Gourlie
Kristin Hayman

Rebecca Hollender
Jenna Judge
Wessyl Kelly
Beihua Page
Jeff Parsons
Katrina Radach
Mary Ramirez
Scott Redman
Jillian Reitz
Laura Rivas
Erin Ryan-PeƱuela
Andres Sheikh
Dan Stonington
Stephanie Suter
Ron Thom
David Trimbach
Elene Trujillo
Katherine Wyatt

Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program
Lisa Chang, Chair
Diseases Work Group
Forage Fish and Food Webs Work Group

Freshwater Work Group
Marine Birds Work Group
Marine Mammals Work Group
Marine Waters Work Group
Modeling Work Group
Nearshore Work Group
Salmonids Work Group
Spatial Data Work Group
Stormwater Work Group
Toxics Work Group

Vital Sign indicator leads
Rabia Ahmed
Lynne Barre
Scott Berbells
Kelly Biedenweg
Robert Black
Jennifer Burke
Susan Burke
Jennifer Carlson
Bart Christiaen
Tish Conway Cranos
Rick Dinicola

Phillip Dionne
Margaret Dutch
Brad Hanson
Sheryl Howe
Neala Kendall
Christopher Krembs
Jay Krienitz
Kate Macneale
Amber Moore
Scott Pearson
Ken Pierce
Mary Ramirez
Scott Redman
Julianne Ruffner
Todd Sandell
Jill Schulte
Jim Shedd
Jeremy Simmons
Doris Small
Camille Speck
Don Velasquez
Markus Von Prause
Brian Walsh
James West